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Since 1921

with locations in PA,

NJ, FL, and SC.


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> Shingles
> Metal Roofing
> Slate Roofing
> Tile Roofing
> Cedar Shakes & Shingles
> Slate Roof Tiles
> Composite Shingles
> Single Ply Roofing
> Aluminum Rain Gutters
> Copper Rain Gutters
> Decking
> Railing
> Asphalt Shingles
> Replacement Windows
> Roofing Insulation

> Slate Roofing
> Metal Roofing
> Steep Slope Roofing
> Accessories
> Concrete & Clay Roof Tiles
> Modified Bitumen
> Single Ply
> Built Up Roofing
> Fiber Cement & Engineered
> Steel Siding
> Skylights
> New Construction Windows
> Steel Rain Gutters & Guards
> Low Slope Roofing
> Built Up Roofing Asphalt

> Windows
> Decking
> Speciality Lumber
> Siding
> Waterproofing
> Air Barrier Systems
> Vinyl Sidings
> Aluminum Siding
> Wood Siding
> Decorative Stone Siding
> Side Trims & Accessories
> Guards & Downspouts
> Structural Metal Panels
> Stucco
> Windows & Doors

About Our Company


Originally founded by William A.Duffy in Pennsylvania, Duffy Roofing has been serving the roofing industry since 1921. Duffy Roofing Supply is still family owned and operated and our goal is to provide excellent workmanship and customer service as we expending our business to provide you with all roofing supplies as well. We handle small and large jobs and provide the same care and attention to detail for each of our customers.

Serving Locations in PA, NJ, FL, SC and surrounding communities for so long, Duffy Roofing Supply offers a professional team that has many years of expertise and choose top-quality materials to give you for durable and great-looking results. We can recommend the best products and materials for your roofing and siding needs and always keep your budget in mind. From economy to high-end, Duffy Roofing Supply handles all the hard work and clean-up needed to maintain your home or commercial building in great shape.


Clients Testimonials

Only Choice For Roofing

"Replaced my roof and could not be happier, quality job, great crew, great company!!! Cleaned up so well wouldn't even know they had been there except for the fact of the outstanding looking roof I have Call Joe and the guys if you want it done right, for the right price, Duffy Roofing is a name you can trust!!!!"



Jr. Mallcott

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